7 ways to save on accomodations


Lavish hotels make up a large portion of many travelers’ budget. Here are 7 ways to skip the high end hotels, and still enjoy your travels.

Couch surfing- Before I started reading travel blogs, I never heard about couch surfing. And once I did, I didn’t trust it at all. Sleeping in a strangers house for free? Because they’re nice people? Yeah, actually that’s the whole reasoning behind couch surfing. You can sleep at someone’s house for a night or two, no gimmicks involved. Of course, it’s polite to bring  a gift, help out around the house, etc. And if they ever come to your country, they’ll have someone to meet up with and hopefully a place to sleep.

House sitting– I hope to do this soon. Most house sitting websites do have a fee, but this shouldn’t deter you from considering this option. A lot of times, you get a house all to yourself for weeks, even months. It’s great for slow travelers who really want to get to know the area and immerse themselves in the culture. Of course, you have to do some work at most homes. Common jobs include gardening, taking care of pets, and maintaining the home. Some home owners pay for utilities, but many ask you to pay your own utilities. But compared to a hotel, you are saving a lot of money and getting a better experience. There are a lot of different websites to try, and if you’re really serious about finding a position, try signing up on many different websites. Mind my house is just one option.

Hostels- Cheap, dorm-like accommodations suited for many different types of travelers. There aren’t many hostels in the states, but they are very prevalent throughout Europe and around the world. Not all hostels are as unsanitary and unsafe as they are made out to be. If you do your research, you can find a very enjoyable one to stay in.

Apartment– There are apartments out there that are more affordable than hotels, especially for long trips. Even though it’s not always a viable option, remember to always consider apartments.

Volunteer- I was hesitant to put this on the list because volunteering requires work. I feel like a lot of people forget about that. They see free accommodation for a couple of hours of work a day. This is usually not the case. I’m not against volunteering in any way, I hope to do it myself one day, however, some people just don’t see volunteering as part of their vacation. WWOOF is a popular program for volunteering abroad which involves working on farms.

Camping– Believe it or not, there are still places out there where you can camp for free. Now, this isn’t a reasonable option but it can be done. Roadtripping across America? Try camping on some stops to save money you would otherwise spend on motels.

Budget hotels– If all the other options fail, go with a budget hotel. It may be more expensive than the other accommodations, but it’s better than going all out on a regular hotel.


One thought on “7 ways to save on accomodations

  1. I always think that house sitting sounds like a brilliant way to save money, but I’ve never really looked into it. I know a lot of people think it’s a great way to travel!

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