4 ways to make money while traveling the world


Teach English: There are always opportunities to teach English around the world. This is prefect for people who love children, and want to travel the world slowly. I emphasize slowly because a lot of jobs are for a whole year, so don’t expect to stay for a month and leave. Even so, it’s a very rewarding experience. You not only teach kids English, but learn about a culture different from yours. But before you start packing your suitcase, you will need teaching qualifications. So go to your local college and find out if teaching is in your blood.


Tutor online: There are many opportunities to tutor online is you know where to look and have the right requirements. If you don’t have many credentials, craigslist is a good start. If you are more qualified, try tutorvista.com or tutor.com.If you are somewhere in the middle and believe that tutoring is your calling, you can always try elance.com


Start a business: Whether you paint, resell clothes from thrift shops, have advice, or make what-do-you-call-its, there’s a business waiting to be made by you. Now, if you don’t think your diamond encrusted butterfly brooches won’t be worth the trouble of buying and making a website, don’t worry. You can sell things on ebay, craiglist, etsy, etc. There are many sites that will help you make some cash on the road. Just find something you’re good at (I’m sure there’s something) and go for it!


Freelance: If you’re less of a crafty person, there’s still hope for you! Writers, photographers, programmers, and all you marketing people, I’m talking to you. Websites like elance are great for finding work, and can even make you a decent amount of money. Just fill out your credentials and start looking. You could also start or write for a blog. This won’t make you nearly enough to support yourself, and won’t make anything at all for a long time. But, if blogging is something you’re passionate about and willing to work hard on, you can make some extra cash on it.


The majority of the time you won’t be able to support yourself on only one of these. But, they’re great ways extend your travels and make extra money. Of course, there are more ways than just the ones I listed. Go out and find something you’re passionate about and the rest will fall into place!


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