Splurge or Save 3


Spending $100 on a shirt is ridiculous. Spending $100 on a shirt that you will wear while traveling around the world is plain stupid. I constantly see websites that are designed to sell clothes for travel, which I am a big fan of. The problem with the majority of these stores is that the clothes are completely overpriced. Dresses for $500 that look like they belong at a garage sale? No thanks. Just pack what you have already, chances are you know what’s comfortable and what will work for you. When you pack clothes, keep in mind that you sweat in them, wrinkle them, and overall get them dirty. Get clothes that you don’t care about throwing away. And unless it’s something durable that you know you will keep even if it gets dirty, like a coat or a pair of boots, don’t get it. No, you don’t need an expensive party dress, a $30 one from Marshalls will be just fine. There are more important things to spend your money on than clothes.

SAVE1 copy

Backpacks! It’s so important to invest in a good backpack. They can get pricey, but it’s worth it, especially on long trips. Get one that is the right size for you. The amount of stuff you want to carry with you, your height and weight, and how much you can carry are all factors to consider when buying a backpack. You might be thinking, ” I’d rather just have a luggage”. That’s fine, as long as your trip is to a fancy hotel for a week and you don’t mind carrying a luggage around. I might be biased but backpacks are a much more efficient choice, and getting the best quality backpack is a necessity.


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