What to pack: toiletries


Lush solid shampoo: If you want to bring shampoo with you instead of using the one at the hotel or getting some at your location, then this is the perfect choice. You’ll have one less liquid to worry about, and it lasts for a long time! There’s even one that is a shampoo and conditioner in one.


Makeup: So when it comes to makeup, everyone is different. I only need some chapstick, mascara, and foundation. If I’m going somewhere “fancy” then I would also bring liquid eyeliner and concealer. I recommend bringing as little makeup as possible, after all, wouldn’t you rather be having fun than sitting in your hotel doing your makeup?


Lush solid perfume: Another lush product! If you’re traveling for an extended period of time, you never know when your next shower will be. Even if you’re in a hotel with a shower, perfume is still something you’d want to have. The problem with most perfume is the packaging. It’s usually in breakable, spacy bottles. Not to mention they’re a liquid. These solid perfumes from lush smell great (at least the ones I’ve tried) and they take up very little space. I really recommend getting one, even if you’re not traveling anywhere. And did I mention they’re cheap? Another plus.

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