12 stylish sightseeing outfits made from my packing list – part 2

To see the packing list click here

Part one is here


1. Tank top, yoga shorts, sneakers. This outfit is probably not recommended unless it’s 100 degrees and you’re hiking. I just wanted to show that these shorts can be rolled up and be comfortable.

2. Hoodie, sweatpants, sneakers. Great for hiking and other activities where you can get dirty. Really comfortable and perfect for cooler weather. I wouldn’t walk around Paris in this though.

3. T shirt, sweatpants, sneakers. Just like #2 except for warmer days.

4. Purple T shirt, yoga shorts, sneakers. Very comfortable outfit. I would probably sleep in these clothes because I didn’t pack any pajamas. Great for doing activities that involve being on your feet all day. It’s especially perfect for warm days.


5. Striped dress, flip flops. This outfit is versatile and can be worn at the beach, sightseeing, and even in the city. Casual, cute, and comfortable, everything you need when traveling through Europe.

6. Tank top, shorts, flip flops. Maybe it’s just my personality, but I wouldn’t really feel comfortable walking around dressed like this. Unless of course, it was appropriate and hot outside.

7. Hoodie, shorts, flip flops. I love this outfit. It’s casual, but still put together.

8. Tank top, striped dress, flip flops. I found a way to convert the dress into a skirt. This outfit will keep you cool on hot summer days, and it would be  appropriate in more places than #6.


9. Striped dress, sweater, slip ons. You could go sightseeing virtually anywhere in this outfit… If you go to a religious place, make sure to put on tights or leggings though.

10. Dress, necklace, tank, slip ons. This is best for cities. Fashionable cities that is. So if you look a little “unique” nobody will judge you. It’s comfortable and cute in my opinion.

11. Dress, sweater, slip ons. Another version of #9. This one would work better at night though.

12. Tank, striped dress, flip flops, sweater. This outfit is a bit of a mess. Packing things that match with everything else you pack will allow you to put together any outfit that will look decent at worst.

Ok so maybe stylish wasn’t the best adjective. But come on, 24 different outfits total? These aren’t even all of the combinations, I just didn’t want to be too repetitive. It just goes to show you that you really don’t need to pack a lot of clothes as long as you get creative and pack the right things.

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