Splurge or Save 1


Souvenirs. The ultimate travel purchases. Any tourist destination you go to, you will see souvenirs everywhere. I know a lot of people who feel the need to buy a keychain for everyone they know. After all, what’s the point of visiting Paris if you don’t have the Eiffel Tower hanging from your keys? Right? Wrong. You will save so much money if you stick to one or two souvenirs. Most of them break or fall apart within a few months anyway, so why waste money on them? There are much better ways to remember your trip, like photographs.


And what better way to get memorable photographs than on a new camera? DSLRs are worth the price. The difference in quality is incredible. Sure, they may seem like a bother to lug around all day, but you will have memories that will last a lifetime. Who knows, maybe you’ll even get that million dollar shot during your travels.


One thought on “Splurge or Save 1

  1. Word! I have a rule – never buy any souvenirs. Almost every souvenir I’ve bought in the past I now classify as clutter… Save the money and save the room in your backpack!

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