12 stylish sightseeing outfits made from my packing list – part 1

To see the packing list click here

(This is for a warm weather trip to Europe) Image

1. A lace tank top, dress pants, and slip ons. This outfit is great for places where shorts might not be appropriate, or when the weather is mild. These dress pants are extremely comfortable and lightweight, I could wear them in place of sweats if I wanted to!

2. A blouse, shorts, and flip flops. This is probably my go to outfit for sightseeing. It’s comfortable, classic, and it breathes well.

3. Polka dot t shirt, dress, and slip ons. Black dresses are very versatile and can be worn as skirts. That’s what I did here, and you can’t even tell the difference.

4. Tank top, blouse, shorts, slip ons. A more laid back version of #2. Great for a day of walking around the city.


5. Dress, blouse, slip ons. Comfortable and flowy.

6. T shirt, shorts, sneakers. This is better for those days where you have a lot to see in a short period of time. Pretty much my “I don’t care, I’ll look like a tourist today” outfit.

7.Tank top, dress, slip ons. Perfect for a hot day. I don’t know if I would recommend having a white shirt (or anything white for that matter). But since I don’t take my own advice, this outfit is staying.

8. Striped dress, flip flops, lace tank. I’m not sure how I feel about his outfit, but it sure is comfy.


9. Blouse, dress, necklace, flip flops. I consider these flip flops to be formal and casual. Maybe you don’t, and that’s ok. This outfit is great for museums and other indoor activities.

10. Dress, necklace, flip flops. A going out and partying outfit. And yes, I party in flip flops.

11. Tank top, dress pants, slip ons. If your going to a church or a museum, this is perfect (though I would suggest something to cover up your shoulders in any religious place).

12. Dress, lace tank, slip ons. Less formal than the other three, but more formal than the first eight.

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