Clothes to pack for a long trip to Europe

By long I mean at least a month. If you’re only traveling for a week or two, don’t take this much stuff. I think it’s already a decent amount for a long trip, let alone a short one. Also, the things posted here are a reflection of my own personal style and what I know I will wear. There will be things you know you won’t wear, or things not pictured that you will. All I’m saying is, everyone has different needs.Image

What’s pictured above:

9 8 shirts: 3 tank tops, 4 short sleeved t shirts, 1 quarter sleeved t shirt, and 1 top

2 sweaters: 1 knit and 1 hoodie

6 pants: 2 shorts, 1 pair of long sweatpants, 1 pair of short sweatpants, 1 pair of leggings (which I later switched to lightweight dress-pants), and 1 pair of jeans

2 dresses: 1 casual, 1 that can be dressed up or down

1 swimsuit

3 pairs of shoes: sneakers, sandals, and  slip on shoes

3 pairs of socks

Other: 1 necklace, sunglasses, brush, mascara, liquid eyeliner, lotion, concealer, hair bands, bracelet, and solid perfume

Here is a post showing the outfits put together:

part 1

part 2 (N/A yet)

– edit- I got rid of some things once I started putting together outfits and found some things were useless-

One thought on “Clothes to pack for a long trip to Europe

  1. Your outfits are really cute! You might get away with less bottoms for a lighter suitcase. I would add a couple of colorful scarves/necklaces for some color pops. They really change up the look on an outfit.

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