3 reasons why you should get rid of your TV


1. It costs money. Unless you only have basic channels, you’re probably paying a monthly fee for TV. Is spending $30-$100 a month really worth it? Watching TV is already a waste of time, which I’ll get at later, but paying money to do it is ridiculous. If you want to watch movies and TV shows, you have other options. You can always stream videos online using Netflix or other similar sites. These cost a lot less than cable and satellite, and you can actually choose what you watch. If you don’t want to pay anything, there’s always the library. You can check out movies and watch them on your computer or laptop. Even though getting movies from the library requires some effort (getting there, finding a movie, returning it) it’s completely free.

2. It wastes your time. Just take a minute to think about what you watch on TV. Most of it is probably mindless entertainment. I’m not saying you should give up watching you’re favorite show. But if you want to watch something, it’s smart to do something productive. I find cleaning to be the best busy work to do. By cleaning, you’re getting work done and watching your favorite shows at the same time. Of course, laying on the couch for an hour isn’t going to help you get anywhere. To make matters even worse, 36% of the hour you spend watching TV is wasted on commercials. It’s just another reason to stream movies online or get them from the library.

3. It takes up space. Nowadays, it’s all about having a TV in every room. Being able to watch whatever, whenever, wherever is what it’s all about. But personally, and maybe it’s just me, I hate that. TVs take up valuable space, especially to people who live in small spaces. If you have a lot of room to fill, then maybe a TV is the perfect choice. But when you’re living in a tiny apartment with little money, saving on space and your bills is the way to go.

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