Travel to Lithuania

When I started this blog, I knew I wanted to learn about other countries. I wanted to drool over pictures of exotic food, dream about being immersed in another culture, and figure out how I could get myself to be there. Well, I hope this blog turns out to be just that. I hope to learn and inspire others to learn with me.

So when picking the first country of the many I will research, I thought why not the place I was born? And Lithuania it was. I moved to the United States when I was four, so I’m no expert, but we all have to start someplace. Right?

Average cost per day: $80 or 215 LTL

However, if you’re on a budget, you could easily get by with $35 a day. If you get away from the major cities, you can find great restaurants and places to stay that cost a lot less and allow you to take in Lithuania’s culture.

Places to visit:

Vilnius Old Town: Just the fact that it’s one of the largest old towns in Europe makes it a must on many travelers list. But if you want more than just the accomplished feeling of being there, you can visit the presidential palace, Vilnius cathedral, and national museum of Lithuania which are all located there.


Trakai Castle: It’s a castle… in the middle of a lake! What’s there not to love? Tickets cost 15Lt for an adult (which is a little over $5).  The inside has been made into a museum and is open every month of the year except January. It’s a great place to learn about Lithuania’s history, the castle was built in the 14th century after all…


Hill of Crosses: A site where many Christians from around the world come to visit, the hill of crosses is a must see destination. There are over 100,000 crosses placed here, and honestly, you don’t even have to be religious to visit this site. It’s incredible to see what it has become, since it was formed in 1831.


Words and Phrases:

š is pronounced as sh – ū is pronounced as oo – č is pronounced as ch

Hello – Labas           Bye – Iki    Thank you – Ačiū

I don’t speak Lithuanian -Aš nekalbu Lietuviškai

Do you speak English? (Formal) – Ar jūs kalbate angliškai?

Can you help me? (Formal) -Ar galite man padėti?

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